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  • Get your own control panel to administer your domain
  • Domains are registered under the applicants name
Domain Extension Price in Indian Rs. Price in US Dollars
.com Rs.999 per year $22.70 per year
.net Rs.1014 per year $23.00 per year
.org Rs.1043 per year $23.70 per year
.biz Rs.999 per year $22.70 per year
.info Rs.956 per year $21.72 per year
.in Rs.799 per year $18.15 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year Rs.599 per year $13.61 per year
  • No documents are required to register any domain name.



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*Note For Indian Customers - For calculation purpose take US $ 1 = Rs.60 and you are requested to use the same while making payments. If you will pay through credit card then your card will be charged for amount equivalent to dollar in Indian currency.



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Que: Can anyone tell me what a domain name is?

Ans: A Domain name is a unique Internet address that provides unique identity to the registrant of thr domain name. A domain name is the name of a website located at a numerical IP address (eg: With the vast amounts of information on the Internet, a domain name is easier to remember than a long string of numbers.

A domain name is made up of two or more sections, separated by the period character - "." - referred to as "dots". The sections indicate a hierarchy in the Internet domains, with the highest level on the right. For example, in "":

  • com is the highest level, or the Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • yourdomain is called a Second Level Domain (SLD)
  • www is a Third Level Domain

One of the essential tools of any business these days is to have a professional web site.

This begins with choosing and registering a domain name that will clearly identify and brand your business online for many years to come, so you need to choose wisely.

And our rates for domain registration are very cheap and you are surely going toadmire it.

The following technical rules apply for .com, .net and .org domain names:

  • The only characters allowed are letters, numbers and hyphens.
  • No other punctuation marks or spaces are allowed
    in domain names.
  • Domain names must have less than 63 characters
    (67 total when including the dot and three letters indicating the domain extension).
  • Domain names can not begin or end with a hyphen.

So now its time to order domain name registration